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Our interdisciplinary team of innovative specialists use a multisensory framework to identify how and when this insight is best applied. Arigami translates research in multisensory perception into tangible end to end smart solutions for industries seeking to integrate its sensory outputs.

We RESEARCH, validate AND IMPLEMENT multisensory SOLUTIONS that can enhance human experiences ACROSS DIFFERENT mediums.


At Arigami we help proactive brands move beyond traditional and business-as-usual thinking to focus on scalable and measurable sensory investments. Our research provides new cause and effect solutions and insights. Our sensory profiling tools enable integrated sensory design and improved procurement of sensory delivery technologies.

We unfold the senses by combining various fields of science with the kinds of sensory delivery technologies and methods currently used across industries. We empower brands with a comprehensive understanding of both consumer behavior and the person within it. Arigami develops relationships with the sensory delivery providers (per specific industry). These include all or most of the existing technologies being used within the target industry at hand. Together, we align sensory goals and synchronize inputs.

Our aim is to empower the sensory delivery technologies with the findings gathered from our interdisciplinary research team. This allows our sensory delivery collaborators to address complex human problems using verifiable science.

Existing Science

Multisensory science offers an opportunity to ask more sophisticated questions about the relationship between people and their environments. For example, why do certain colors inspire some people whilst intimidate others? Which combinations of sensory stimuli can improve our mental health? What is the relationship between artificial light exposure and long term stress? What amount of sensory input is required to create a lasting impression?

Inspired by science

Technology is now working in symbiosis with multisensory science to give us tools that offer up exciting and groundbreaking solutions. We are sitting in an era where we have both the science and technology to leverage human experiences to become healthier, happier and less stressful than ever before.

potential science

Multisensory science is still in its infant stages yet already has vast resources that can provide us with the opportunity to make design decisions using s human-centered approach. With the support of industry partners we are able to transform lives, improve interactions and lead the way forward using verifiable case studies.

We believe in the power of interdisciplinary work and our goal is to build and support the multisensory research community.
— Ari Peralta, CEO & Founder
Arigami Founder Ari Peralta



Ari began ARIGAMI® with the intention of creating an "Experiential" fashion brand. His journey led him to consult with a variety of leading scientists. At that moment he began to explore multi-sensory research to inform the retail decision-making process. To his surprise his team found very limited data on multi-sensory stimuli and set out on a quest to partner with leading researchers and universities from around the world to answer the difficult questions only science could clarify. Meanwhile Ari has brought together a group of leaders from neuroscience to engineering and even designers to ensure he created a full spectrum of solutions that are relevant and practical for today's business. With over 15 years of experience in strategic branding, Ari has worked on building a comprehensive career including starting successful businesses and leading award-winning creative projects.

  • Began his career at 16 year of age at the Nielsen Company (largest media measurement company in the world)

  • Led the marketing and strategic business departments at an award-winning destination magazine (Maui No Ka Oi Magazine)

  • Developed new strategies for non-profit funding (generating more support than the previous 10 years of efforts) at the YMCA FOUNDATION

  • Co-developed new protein snack products (protein pudding and protein chips) with world renown food scientist Dr. Massoud Kazemzadeh

  • Co-founded SkinCenter, "Diamond Award" clinics (rated top 3% in the USA, Allergan)

  • Co-developed GOTOX® Medical App catering to mobile friendly Botox and Filler patients around the world (winner of 5 international design and communications awards)

  • Generated over $30 million in sales directly attributed to his work as an independent strategic brand consultant

Arigami Experiential Strategy Manager Ramy Elnagar



Ramy is also one the co-founders of  Somewhere Else, a creative agency and virtual reality specialist. With a production backbone and passion for storytelling, he blends immersive technologies and strategic thinking to deliver comprehensive, proven solutions that enable brands to transform insights into results. Ramy and his team have led projects involving some of the worlds top brands including Adidas, BMW, Heineken and many more.