Unbox London: Future is Sound

Arigami was part of an interdisciplinary panel of artists, sound and digital health experts. Together, they explored ways to promote sound that may benefit our physical and metal wellness.

Ari Peralta presents at the GetAhead Festival in London.

GetAhead Festival: Sound & Health

Arigami presented the differences between stress and anxiety along with a panel discussion including other leading sound and wellness experts.

Multisensory Robotics by Ari Peralta

UK Automation & Robotics Show

Robotics continues to evolve around human centered design. Arigami’s workshop showcased case studies in which multisensory elements helped reduce the friction between human and robotic interactions.

Multisensory Product Design by Ari Peralta

UK Product Design Conference

Arigami presented best practices for brands seeking to design multisensory products. The future of product design requires integrated multisensory cues.

Arigami at Cornell University

Cornell University: Future Of Hotels Workshop (NY)

Arigami delivered a workshop highlighting the new sensory business opportunities to hospitality management students.

Arigami x Immerse(d) London x Subpac x Sonux

Immerse(d) London: Sound & Health Panel + Live Experiment

Arigami presented the future of sound alongside Sound Architect Tom Middleton and Audio Therapist Lena Batra. Together they explored different health use cases for sound and conducted a live experiment using heart rate, soundscapes designed by Middleton and SubPac innovative audo-haptic technology.

Arigami at University College London

UCL: History of Work, Humans & Automation

Arigami presented a dynamic workshop for UCL’s engineering program using a mix of economics, history and technology to discuss the evolution of work, humans and automation.

Arigami Multisensory Science Symposium

UCLA: Multisensory Symposium

Arigami chaired a symposium featuring an array of leading multisensory scientists at UCLA including Dr. Pablo Paredes from Stanford University, leading mobility stress expert.


Wearable Tech: Future of Research

Arigami presented on the main stage of the Wearable Tech Show (London) highlighting the advances in multisensory science thanks to wearable tech innovations.

Arigami x Nature Magazine x Interdisciplinary Physics

Interdisciplinary Physics Panel + Workshop (London)

Arigami collaborators and scientists presented best practices on how to achieve complex goals using an interdisciplinary team of physicists.

Arigami at University College London AI & Medicine

UCL: AI & Medicine Panel

Arigami led an interdisciplinary panel of data scientists, technologists and medical professionals from NHS, BabylonHealth and Accenture discussing the future of tech-driven healthcare.

Arigami x London Mayor's Office

London Mayor’s Entrepreneur Challenge

Arigami participated in the London Mayor’s Office Entrepreneurship Program. Arigami CEO shared his passion for science, technology and art with the next generation of business leaders in London.

Arigami Multisensory Gaming Workshop

Multisensory Entertainment Workshop

Arigami led a multisensory engagement workshop specifically designed for entertainment and gaming students in London.

Arigami x Retail Week Masterclass

Retail Week Masterclass: Subconscious Yield

Arigami CEO delivered the first neuro-business masterclass for Retail Week London and its members.