London is rated the top experiential city in the world.

No other city on the planet matches London for energy, diversity, creativity and constant reinvention. London is the city where heritage and technology collide; where buildings steeped in history and grandeur stand tall among towering skyscrapers which captivate the skyline; and where world-famous museums and galleries rub shoulders with world renown restaurants. London leads the way in innovative retail concepts and solutions. London is home to cutting-edge industry clusters, which make the city a vibrant and innovative home for Arigami.

Don't wait for opportunity.
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We see so many experiential campaigns across London, and we wanted to put a value on it. We understand how much is happening here and get an understanding of why brands are choosing London.  London the best connected city in the world, attracting more business than any other in Europe. With the largest technology market and the strongest economy of any developed nation, London and the UK are thriving. With the formation of new retail hubs cross the city, the resurgence of luxury lifestyle brands and non-traditional distribution models, we are in the right place at the right time to take part in the evolution of e-commerce and have an active role in the reshaping of London's retail landscape.

London is leading the way.



Marketing is changing and, with more and more competition, face-to-face interactions between brands and consumers are more important than ever if brands are going to make a lasting impression on their audience. This is where activations can really add value to a communications strategy overall. Finding the right places for brands to activate is absolutely key, and the UK and London are serious contenders on the international stage.



The cultural diversity, pace and energy of one of the world’s highest profile cities is also the perfect background to brand experiences. Our unique city attracts residents, workers and tourists alike with a significant propensity for engaging with brand experiences. When relevance of mindset is a key success factor for any brand experience, the London ambience often provides a sure fire approach to a successful consumer engagement.


Click & brick

As traditional advertising formats – print, spots, web banners, and their ilk – continue to lose impact and relevance, brand stewards must re-frame their marketing approaches to reflect a new, values-based relationship between consumers and brands. One rapidly emerging solution, in the opinion of many creative leaders, is “experiential marketing,” often expressed in the form of temporary or pop-up, brick-and-mortar installations or shops.