Arigami CEO Ari Peralta

Ari Peralta, MBA
ceo & founder

Forbes recognized innovator and serial entrepreneur Ari Peralta has worked across multiple media disciplines in both large and small firms and co-founded a nationally-ranked medical clinic in the United States. With organisational leadership, multisensory research and experiential design as his core skill, Ari leads a strategic coalition of globally ranked scientists and sensory delivery technology firms. Ari dedicates much of his time speaking to university students, government officials and technology professionals promoting multisensory science and interdisciplinary teamwork.

Arigami Operations Director Ramy Elnagar

Ramy Elnagar, Operations Director & co-founder

Ramy leads the global commercial arm at Arigami with a focus on developing integrated multisensory ecosystems. As a user-centered design proponent, Ramy acts as the bridge between Arigami’s interdisciplinary research teams, sensory technology provider coalition and their respective clients. Ramy helps leading enterprise clients unpack and verbalise their challenges, broaden their minds to implicit opportunities. and strategise how to deploy disruptive research-powered solutions to achieve business transformation at scale.

Arigami Lead Researcher Dr. Ladan Shams

Prof. Ladan Shams, PHD
Multisensory LEAD

Dr. Ladan Shams is a professor of Psychology, BioEngineering, 
and Neuroscience at UCLA, and serves as the director of the Multisensory Perception Laboratory at UCLA. Her research has inspired a generation of technology companies including Oculus. For over a decade Ladan’s research has focused on multisensory perception and learning in humans.