MXD: Healthcare

The Future Of Healthcare Using Multisensory Experience Design (MXD)


Research focusing on the quality of multisensory experiences and its enrichment for patients, particularly the design of multisensory spaces and its impact on engagement and wellness, is very limited. For this reason Arigami has developed its Multisensory Experience Design or MXD program to specifically address best practices within multisensory healthcare environments. Healthcare providers have long used technologies that employ multiple sensory modalities, including sound, sight, and touch, in order to construct knowledge about the human body and better interpret health-related information.

Healthcare technologies already use sound, touch, and sight to track and monitor the body in order to better explain and understand its processes. How can we further extend these multisensory practices and aim for additional patient benefits? Our multisensory research framework aims to reach individuals with dementia, children undergoing frequent visits to hospitals, and the caregiver community of professionals and families involved with patient care. Research studies and anecdotal evidence have already shown that the use of sensory engagement with patients of various needs manifest with meaningful impact towards beneficial patient effects. This includes decreased disruptive behaviour and agitation, increased alertness, reduced apathy, positive impact on mood and increased social engagement.

Who are the healthcare communities that can most benefit from our MXD case studies?

  • Mental health patients

  • Elderly seniors with dementia

  • Children with learning disabilities

  • People with autism

  • Children with challenging behavior

  • People with brain injuries

  • People with physical or mental disabilities

  • Those who are in occupational therapy

  • People with sensory processing disorders (SPD)

Our research has also confirmed the positive effects of multisensory elements on carers and staff through increased well-being, improved interpersonal relationship with the patients and increased job satisfaction. Our interdisciplinary research team, a collaboration between scientists, technologists and designers, has evolved from a broad consideration of the role of design within healthcare and the alignment of our passion to provide positive design interventions that can generate on the quality of life and well-being of all people.

Interested in learning more about Arigami’s MXD Healthcare Program? Contact us so we can discuss more and find ways we can collaborate using our network of interdisciplinary science experts.