The Future Of Mobility Using Multisensory Experience Design (MXD)


What is MXD Mobility? It’s Arigami’s multisensory scientific approach for combining several items of in-car sensory technologies to bring drivers a unique sensory experience. Drawing on all the senses (and subsenses), we see the future of mobility as empty canvases that functions like a cocoon enveloping motorists in an atmosphere of comfort, relaxation and wellness. While most car makers have undoubtedly excelled at using the senses of sound and vision to communicate a message of power and desire; the next wave of design challenges are found in their ability to integrate other sensory modalities beyond the gimmick practices of today.

The word connected means more than just the Vehicle to Vehicle (V2V) and Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) connotations that most in the driver-less space think of. At Arigami we believe that the word connected also refers to a sensory shift that must happen for this new technology to solidify and transform our mobility experiences for the better. That sensory shift includes thinking differently about how we approach multisensory science; addressing wellness and stress reduction within the current auto and mass transportation design formulation.

As world populations and cities continue to grow at an exponential rate, people are looking for new transportation solutions that make life easier, healthier and more enjoyable. Making mobility multisensory will depend on how well companies can work together and manage to share data within different mobility ecosystems. Our industry partners believe that reducing stress in our commutes and enabling new forms of interaction/entertainment will soon take center stage.

This next phase in mobility will completely change how customers view and experience transportation. We can already observe such shift taking place in other areas of mass consumption. Our MXD Mobility case studies enable brands to configure a specific wellness setup that suits their customers mood or needs, while simultaneously enhancing physical comfort and performance on the road.

Interested in learning more about Arigami’s MXD Mobility Program? Contact us so we can discuss more and find ways we can collaborate using our network of interdisciplinary science experts.