The Future of Hospitality Using Multisensory Experience Design (MXD)

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Since its beginning, the hotel industry has constantly evolved and transformed to meet the changing needs of travelers. While the industry has always been innovative, the recent advancements in technology have catapulted the industry into unprecedented change. While we know of simple ways to appeal to people’s senses and encourage their well-being, the process and ramifications of how our bodies and brains relate and react to the outside world is far more complex. At Arigami we are addressing these complexities by conducting research using our Multisensory Experience Design or MXD program. This innovative approach to research uses a multisensory framework and is tackled by a network of interdisciplinary scientists from over ten ivy league institutions.

Its important not to overlook sensory experiences, your hospitality brand may be missing a great opportunity to develop new and strong emotional associations with your customers. Our MXD service focuses on the research that leads to the creation of new sensorial experiences and designs that leverage your consumer’s ability to experience the services, and most of all help generate designs that make your consumers engage so much that they buy into your service offerings.

Designing a memorable guest experience in an ultra-competitive marketplace is quite the challenge. Every minor detail makes a difference! Arigami's MXD program will help you stand out from the crowd and take your hotel brand experience to new heights by tapping into the power of multisensory science. MXD will enhance your guest's experience and drive a new wave of brand loyalty beyond the momentary difference of gimmicks.

What are the tangible business benefits of MXD sensory integration and sensory optimization?

  • Deliver welcoming and seamless environments your guests won't forget

  • Multisensory designs can influence guest behavior and brand recognition

  • Establish deeper emotional connections with guests

  • Connect with customers mind in a multi-modal manner

  • Grow occupancy rates with sensory technologies

  • Validate approach using verified science

  • Culturally shift management and staff with

  • Use data to begin sensory smart profiling

Interested in learning more about Arigami’s MXD Hospitality Program? Contact us so we can discuss more and find ways we can collaborate using our network of interdisciplinary science experts.