Arigami Multisensory Experiments

Interdisciplinary teamwork guides our research and is at the core of everything we do.

We are working together with a network of leading scientists, a coalition of independent sensory technology companies and major brands to find new way in which the senses can help improve our moods and enhance our health.

Our coalition of partners reflect a full spectrum of scientific and technological expertise.

At Arigami we research multisensory ecosystems designed to enhance and improve people’s experiences. Our research focuses on demonstrating the positive effects of multisensory congruent cues on peoples emotions. We look into which combinations of stimuli are most efficient and measure both conscious and subconscious aspects of perception. We help our industry partners develop an ecosystem of multisensory integrated experiences.


Together we can help accelerate the development and implementation of multisensory integrated solutions that aims to improve lives, while supporting new growth in the multisensory experience sales landscape.


Arigami develops relationships with the sensory delivery providers per industry category. These include all or most of the existing technologies currently being used within the target industry at hand. Together with our research team, we align goals and synchronise pilots and sprints.

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