Our Science-Based Innovations Promote Healthier & Happier Multisensory Environments.

Arigami tackles complex problems by building a dynamic process involving multiple fields of science merged with other professionals with complementary backgrounds and skills. We start by transforming that input into tangible and applicable solutions. We breakdown the research (within a topic) and organise these into smaller sprints or phases. This process allows our team to focus on the tangible physical and mental efforts needed while simultaneously assessing, planning, evaluating and ultimately advancing the research for the topic at hand.

Arigami Improve Cognition

Using the Senses to Improve Cognition

New research suggests that light and sound delivered at a certain frequency of 40 flashes or clicks per second, appear to restart the natural 40Hz gamma rhythm of our brain, improving brain functions and diminishing toxic levels of disease-related proteins. Since the brain makes subtle associations between what it is studying and the background sensations it has at the time, multisensory science is crucial to help inform your sensory design decisions,

Arigami Reduce Stress

Using the Senses to Reduce Stress

We are submerged in a sea of over-stimulation. This is taking a toll on our health, psychological well being and impacting our ability to remain calm, patient and balanced. So how can we help using multisensory science? Have you ever noticed how certain colors or types of music can alter your state of mind? Guided-imagery and curated sounds are proven methods that can help reduce stress. Our multisensory case studies explore how to best utilise sensory modality combinations and neutralise stressful environments.

Arigami Increase Self Awareness

Using the Senses to Increase Self-Awareness

Whether we see, smell, touch, taste or hear something that grabs our interest, our senses tend to be our biggest natural distractions. And when that sense is activated in a meditated, planned way, you can help to momentarily distract your mind from negative emotions and thoughts. Being one with your senses makes you aware of your surroundings and how they can impact you.

Arigami Promote Human Connection

Using the Senses to Promote Human Connection

Touch is a strong form of communication between people. As adults we model our behaviour to young people. How can our multisensory case study help? We enable brands and sensory technology companies to find healthier solutions using verified science. Let’s be aware of our relationship with technology and model respectful and collective usage rather than dependence, by promoting positive social skills and body language in our interactions with others and our devices. Staying in touch with your world and the people around you helps maintain a sense of calm and keeps us all grounded.