Arigami Multisensory Research

Arigami unfolds Multisensory data by conducting Interdisciplinary case studies and designing sensory knowledge exchange Workshops.

We focus on the intrinsic relationships between the senses, human moods and the specific environments where we live, work, sleep and engage. We are here to make a positive difference for people, organisations and our communities by combining our efforts within science, technology and art. We are a network of researchers, technologists and designers who thrive on working together, harnessing our collective intelligence and passion for others to improve, refine and elevate human connection.

Our Mission

We are committed to continuous investments in research that supports our multisensory best practices, promotes improved health outcomes and increases human connectivity.

We truly believe that multisensory research and integrated sensory solutions can positively impact people’s lives in ways we never dreamed possible!
— Ari Peralta, CEO & Founder

Why Arigami?

Arigami was directly inspired by the Japanese Art of ‘Origami’. Similar to folding paper, we unfold the senses across various fields of science, engineering and design. This multisensory framework gives us the opportunity to gain new insight on sensory perception with limitless opportunities.