Arigami is a Multisensory Research company dedicated to executing case studies that support Healthier & Happier environments.

Arigami uses case studies and science to lead the way in multisensory research. We collaborate with leading innovative businesses, scientists, inspiring artists and pioneering technologists to build our case studies.

Arigami Multisensory Culture

Multisensory: From Theory to Practice

Arigami builds environment-specific case studies using a multisensory framework. We translate biometric findings into smart sensory intelligence that can clearly guide your aesthetic, sensory content and sensory technology procurement decisions.

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Arigami Multisensory Research Experiment

let’s make sense

We are all about people-driven research. We always start with our desire to solve human challenges,
rather than push or recommend any one specific sensory technology.
— Ari Peralta, CEO & Founder

Arigami Multisensory Ecosystem

REFINE YOUR multisensory

Arigami launches its innovative Multisensory Experience Design (MXD)

Every time you enter a space, a rush of information about it is delivered to your brain through your senses. What does the space look like? What sounds are coming from it? What does it smell like? Is it hot or chilly, humid or dry? We humans are full-body sensors, and our feelers are out at every waking moment, helping us understand the places we go. We apply interdisciplinary knowledge and expertise to multisesnory science in order to unfold the often hidden benefits that lead to increased cognition, stress reduction, increased self-awareness and human connection. Multisensory Experience Design or MXD empowers brands seeking to build multisensory ecosytems using multisensory science case studies.

Arigami Interdisciplinary Teams

Interdisciplinary Team of Experts

We understand the benefits of working with interdisciplinary teams and our goal is to continue to support the multisensory research community by providing accessible knowledge tools that can reduce friction between fields of science, technology and art.

Arigami STEAM Workshops

Culture Shift
STEAM Workshops

We drive change management by designing and delivering professional and community workshops enriched with culture, science and technology.

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