Quantify Sensory Data + Sensory Technology Investments

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  • Set clear and quantifiable KPIs using a structure that allows us to continuously gauge, monitor and iterate wellness.

  • Propose case studies that make a real measurable difference to people, beyond any gimmick.

  • Provide a procurement filter for future sensory technology investment decisions.

Design interdisciplinary case studies focused on solving environment-specific human challenges

  • Map out a sensory delivery landscape and establish guest segment baselines.

  • Aggregate and consolidate user-centric challenges and synthesise them into high level case study concepts.

  • Identify how we can combine various sensory solutions to create an integrated Multisensory Wellness Ecosystem.

IN DEPTH Multisensory Research analysis & COMMERCIAL translation

  • Apply our Viability Filter and run through an extensive value analysis for each of the shortlisted solutions.

  • Design mini-pilots that precede and inform the full program rollout by zone, area or in-room.

  • Establish biometric and research baselines that track how new sensory solutions are affecting consumers while ensuring results are measurable.

Multisesnsory research-based training + educational Culture-shift workshops (Management & Staff)

  • Train hospital employees on the integration of new solutions focusing on the updated Multisensory Wellness Ecosystem.

  • Drive change management programs across organisation levels to embed a culture of sensory innovation that is led by verified science.

  • Motivate organisation staff to catalyse the adoption of science verified multisensory solutions.